100% Whole Wheat Bread

58% daily value of fiber in 2 slices. Health Matters: no high fructose corn syrup; 0 grams trans fat; no artificial flavors Excellent source of fiber. 110 calories (6% DV). 1.5 g total fat (2% DV). 220 mg sodium (10% DV). 5 g sugars (8% DV). Heart Healthy: Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and as low as possible in trans fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. www.panogold.com. We can all make a difference (Even the twist tie that we used on this package is certified as completely biodegradable)! Plastic bags are recycled into many different products. Most plastic bags are recycled into composite decking but can also be reprocessed into post consumer resin which can be recycled into a variety of products such as new bags, pallets, containers and crates. Go green. Please recycle me with your grocery bags. Nothing beats the classic taste, texture and natural goodness of Fiber Up bread! Fiber is an essential component of a healthy, balanced diet and a two-slice serving of Fiber Up bread provides you with 58% of the recommended daily value! Fiber Up breads provide a healthy, delicious choice. Multigrain or 100% whole wheat. You and your family are sure to enjoy them! Try some today!