Kangaroo Flatbread Pockets Whole Wheat

We bake really good stuff. 90 calories per serving. Perf-cut & ready to split. Kangaroo pocket breads hold all the fixin's with less mess. Thinner than buns. Neater than wraps. Loved by kids! The perfect size for small families. 6 Sandwich Ideas for Everyday Eating: Not-so-Sloppy Joes topped with shredded cheese; Pulled pork, chicken or beef topped with BBQ sauce & slaw; Cut a cheeseburger in half and top with pickles, onions & ketchup; Hot dogs, brats, knackwurst, Italian sausage - or tofu; Great with tuna, chicken or egg salad; Sliced deli meats and cheese pressed in a sandwich grill. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Visit our website or write to us with your comments: www.reallytastyfood.com.