KRAFT Slow Cooker Original Pulled BBQ One Step Sauce

Kraft Slow Cooker Original Pulled BBQ Sauce is a thick sauce which clings to the meat for an authentic barbecue flavor. This original flavored BBQ sauce is made with red ripe tomato puree, rich dark brown sugar, a touch of natural smoke flavor and an aromatic blend of seasonings and spices. This thick, flavorful sauce is perfect for basting grilled meats, as a side dipping sauce or delicious marinade. Just add this flavorful BBQ sauce to chicken in your slow cooker, for an easy meal on busy weeknights. This slow cooked barbecue sauce is great for pulled barbecue recipes of all types, including pulled BBQ chicken. Sealed in an air tight jar to preserve flavors, this 18.5 fluid ounce jar should be stored in the fridge after opening.