Mesquite Smoking Wood Chips

180 cu in (2.95 cu dm). Premium BBQ products. 100% natural. Tangy & bold. Use with gas; grills. Griddles or electric smokers. For big, bold flavor, mesquite is what you need. Mesquite is popular in the Southern United States, especially Texas, where BBQ means Beef. With its rich and distinct flavor, mesquite wood ideally pairs with brisket, steak, and other cuts of beef, but is also complement other meats such as pork and lamb. Can be used with lighter meats such as chicken but may be overpowering. Mix it with mild flower like Oak to customize your blend. Heat Treated: All of our wood is heat treated to a minimum interior temperature of 71 degrees C for at least 75 minutes. Heat treatment eliminates pests and prevents mold. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! WW wood, Inc. distributes the world's finest smoking wood products. We stand behind our products with a complete money back guarantee. For more information visit: Made in the USA.