Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer, for Lawns, Ready-to-Use II

Kills 250+ weeds (see inside for weed list). For lawns ready-to-use 2. For use on many northern & southern lawns. For home lawn use only. Won't harm the lawn guaranteed (when used as directed). Lawn friendly weed control (when used as directed). Kills 250+ weeds (see inside for weed list). Easily spot treat weeds. Kills weeds to the roots. Rainproof in 1 hour. Results in hours. What it Does: Kills major broadleaf weeds including dandelion, clover, chickweed and dollarweed. Where to Use: Kills the weeds not the lawn when used as directed. For use on grasses including: St. augustinegrass (Do not use on floratam), bahiagrass, bermudagrass, bluegrass, buffalograss, centipedegrass, fescues, ryegrass, zoysiagrass. When to Use: Apply daytime temperatures are below 90 degrees F. Broadleaf Weeds Controlled: alder, annual yellow sweet clover, artichoke, aster, Austrian fieldcress, bedstraw, beggartick, biden, bindweed, bird vetch, bitterweed, bitter wintercress, black-eyed susan, black medic, black mustard, blackseed plantain, blessed thistle, bloodflower, blue lettuce, blue vervain, box elder, bracted plantain, brassbuttons, bristly oxtongue, broadleaf dock, broadleaf plantain, broomweed, buckhorn, buckhorn plantain, bulbous buttercup, bull nettle, bull thistle, burdock, burning nettle, bur ragweed, burweed, buttercup, Canada thistle, carolina geranium, carpetweed, catchweed bedstraw, catsear, catnip, chickweed, chicory, cinquefoil, clover, cockle, cocklebur, coffeebean, coffeeweed, common chickweed, common mullein, common sowthistle, corn chamomile, creeping jenny, creeping woodsorrel, crimson clover, croton, cudweed, curly dock, curly indigo, dandelion, dead nettle, dock, dogbane, dogfennel, dollarweed, elderberry, English daisy, fall dandelion, false dandelion, false flax, false sunflower, fiddleneck, field bindweed, field pansy, flea bane (daisy), flixweed, Florida betony, Florida pusley, frenchweed, galinsoga, garlic mustard, goathead, goatsbeard, goldenrod, ground ivy, gumweed, hairy bittercress, hairy fleabane, hawkweed, healall, heartleaf drymary, hedge bindweed, hedge mustard, hemp, henbit, hoary cress, hoary plantain, hoary vervain, honeysuckle, hop clover, horsenettle, horsetail, Indiana mallow, ironweed, jewelweed, jimsonweed, kochia, knawel, knotweed, lambsquarter, lespedeza, locoweed, lupine, mallow, marshelder, matchweed, mexicanweed, milk vetch, milkweed, mugwort, morningglory, mouseear chickweed, musk thistle, mustard, narrowleaf plantain, narrowleaf vetch, nettle, orange hawkweed, oxalis, oxeye daisy, parsley-piert, parsnip, pearlwort, pennycress, pennywort, peppergrass, pepperweed, pigweed, pineywoods bedstraw, plains coreopsis, plantain, poison hemlock, poison ivy, poison oak, pokeweed, poorjoe, povertyweed, prickly lettuce, prickly sida, primrose, prostrate knotweed, prostrate pigweed, prostrate spurge, prostrate vervain, puncture vine, purslane, ragweed, red clover, redroot pigweed, red sorrel, redstem filaree, rough cinquefoil, rough fleabane, roundleafed marigold, rush, Russian pigweed, Russian thistle, St. Johnswort, scarlet pimpernel, scotch thistle, sheep sorrel, shepherdspurse, slender plantain, smallflower galinsoga, smartweed, smooth dock, smooth pigweed, sneezeweed, southern wild rose, sowthistle, spanishneedle, spatterdock, speedwell, spiny amaranth, spiny cocklebur, spotted catsear, spotted knapweed, spotted spurge, spurge, spurweed, stinging nettle, stinkweed, stichwort, strawberry clover, sumac, sunflower, sweet clover, tall nettle, tall vervain, tansy mustard, tansy ragwort, tanweed, tarweed, thistle, tick trefoil, toadflax, trailing crown vetch, tumble mustard, tumble pigweed, tumbleweed, velvetleaf, venice mallow, veronica, vervain, vetch, Virginia buttonweed, Virginia creeper, Virginia peep wild bullthistle, western clernatis, western salsify, white clover, white mustard, wild mustard, wild aster, wild buckwheat, carrot, wild four-o'clock, wild yellow rocket, yellow flower pepperweed, yellow woodsorrel and other broadleaf weeds, croton, woolly plantain, wormseed, yarrow, potato, wild lettuce, wild marigold, wild parsnip, wild radish, wild rape, wild strawberry, wild sweet wild vetch, willow, witchweed, woolly morningglory, woodsorrel, woolly croton, woolly plantain, wormseed, yarrow, yellow rocket, yellow flower pepperweed, yellow woodsorrel and other broadleaf weeds. The Ortho Guarantee: If for any reason you, the consumer, are not satisfied with this product, mail us your original proof of purchase to obtain a full refund of your purchase price. If for any reason, the consumer, are not satisfied with this product, mail us your optional proof of purchase to obtain a full refund of your purchase price. Questions & comments call 1-800-225-2883 or visit our website at www.ortho.com.