Skinny Pasta Konjac Fettuccine 9.52 Oz

Weight after straining: 7.05 oz (200 gr). 9 calories per serving. Fettuccine shape. Pre-cooked. Ready in 2 minutes. Sugar free. Gluten free. Fat free. Cholesterol free. Contains fiber. All natural. GMO free. 100% natural. 1 SmartPoints value per bag. Weight watchers endorsed. What is Konjac? Konjac is a plant native to Japan and has been used there for hundreds of years. We harvest the Konjac roots to create noodles in different shapes. Konjac contains fiber and absorbs water help you feel full. Skinny Pasta's Fettuccine Shape Konjac Noodles are made without GMOs and additives so your family can enjoy their favorite fettuccine dishes without sacrificing taste or flavor. Skinny Pasta’s Fettuccine Shape Konjac Noodles are a great alternative to fettuccine. A smart complement to meals or alternative in family favorite recipes, fettuccine shaped Konjac Noodles are a versatile, convenient choice which are precooked and ready to heat in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Skinny Pasta's Fettuccine Shape Konjac Noodles are made from our proprietary formula and are odor free, available in stores and online. Try our other varieties: noodles; spaghetti; lasagna; rice; couscous. According to the FDA regulations, 10 calories rounded from 9. For recipe ideas and to learn more visit: Weightwatchers: Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan! A simple, smart approach to weight loss. Learn more at This product was prepared to fit the Weight Watchers program and is useful for weight control when used strictly in accordance with the Weight Watchers food plans. Product of PRC.