Harvest Snaps Holiday Snaps Snaps, Holiday Edition, Salted Caramel

Flavored green pea & lentil snaps. Baked. 50% less fat, good source of fiber, low sodium compared to regular potato chips. The holidays are for bringing family together. That's why harvest snaps brings together two family favorites, snapea crisps and lentil snaps, into one great tasting snack. Nature's legume is celebrated in this perfect combination of flavors that's sure to warm your taste buds on a cold night. However, unlike that annoying uncle who just won't leave, this holiday treat will be long gone before winter's first thaw. Better buy an extra bag or two now. 70% made from whole pea and lentil. Tasty baked holiday snaps have less fat, more fiber, and low sodium (1 oz serving: salted caramel holiday snaps: fat (5 g), fiber (3 g), sodium (60 mg) - regular potato chips: fat(10 g), fiber (1 g), sodium (170 mg). Gluten free. Like to be social? Get snap'n and join our snap pack to stay connected with the latest news and fun products from Harvest Snaps. Twitter. Facebook. harvestsnaps.com.