Orville Redenbacher's Original Gourmet Popcorn 7 oz

Indulge yourself with the classic sweet and salty flavors of Orville Redenbacher's POPPYCOCK Original Gourmet Popcorn. Each 7-ounce bag contains clusters of almonds, pecans and popcorn covered in a decadent glaze made with brown sugar and real butter. With whole nuts, fluffy popcorn and an amazing glaze, these clusters make a mouth-watering treat for any occasion. Keep the resealable bag in the pantry for an afternoon snack or treat your family and friends with the gift of sweet and salty gourmet popcorn and nut mix made with real butter and brown sugar. For over 40 years, POPPYCOCK Original Popcorn has been the always crunchy and splendidly scrumptious popcorn treat.